Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club sister resorts are perfect for that dream vacation that you’ve always had on your bucket list. It’s always nice to go to the flagship resort in Puerto Plata and soak up the sun in a tropical paradise, but sometimes you just want more. You want to ski in the Alps, walk through Paris in the evening, or see the Great Wall of China. You can do all of this and more through a Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club sister resort!

Members have raved about all of the different places on the globe they are able to see by staying at a Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club sister resort

You get all of the luxury and comfort of an LHVC resort, with the added bonus of seeing places you’ve always wanted to see. That’s just one of the reasons why Lifestyle is the top of the line in vacation membership. No other company has as good of a reputation or as many customers renewing their membership, and it’s part of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club commitment. They want everyone to live that life of luxury, and are committed to giving their members only the best in accommodations and benefits.

Best accomodation and benefits

When you travel to a Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club sister resort, you can expect to have the same world-class, first name service that Lifestyle has become famous for

They partner with hotels that have the same values as them, ones that hold members in high regard. They will treat you like you’re a celebrity, and you’ll be sure to feel like one in a life of luxury.

Whether it be in Asia, Europe, Australia, or anywhere else on the map, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has a sister resort there. If those don’t suit you and you just want to relax in a tropical, all-inclusive paradise, then visit the flagship resort in Puerto Plata! The choice is yours, and Lifestyle will work with you to make sure you make the vacation choice that’s perfect for you.

If this all sounds like a membership program you want to be a part of, don’t hesitate. Head on over to the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club sister resort website now, to learn all about the exciting locations you can visit, and see the Lifestyle resorts in the Dominican Republic.

It’s your dream vacation, let Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club and their sister resorts turn it into a reality.