Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts proudly present the new Grand Lifestyle Cancun. If you’re planning your vacation and thinking about being on a warm sunny beach, Cancun, Mexico may be the choice for you. While in Cancun there are so many things to enjoy, nightlife being one and beach life being another.

Only a short drive away is an eco-theme park called Xcaret. This is a world UNESCO site that is built on an archaeological Mayan ruin. One of the main attractions in Xcaret is the Cenotes or otherwise known as the underground rivers. These underground rivers were formed years ago from the limestone rock underneath the surface, so imagine floating in secret subterranean rivers underneath the Earth’s surface.

This is a worthwhile trip as this park is known worldwide for being one of the best attractions and theme parks for good reason. Offering a multitude of attractions that only exist there truly explain the wonders of why Xcaret has become a world UNESCO site. These Cenotes are literally sinkholes that can flow for miles.

The Yucatán Peninsula is on the Mexican Caribbean is the only spot in the world where there are literally thousands of these. You can experience these while on vacation in Cancun staying at one of Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club Sister Resorts offered by Grand Lifestyle Cancun. Don’t miss out on this truly unique vacation experience that you will never forget. This is recommended for all ages as anyone can enjoy it. Visit Grand Lifestyle Cancun today and see why Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club has become the top choice for many.

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