Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts recommend a camping trip to the outdoor enthusiast. Camping is pure fun as you can enjoy hiking in the woods breathing fresh oxygen and getting a break away from the modern world.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club member recommends you to enjoy a soulful camping vacation where you can get to experience the outdoor adventures. Camping in these natural sites brings nature to your front door. But for an enjoyable camping trip it is important to carry the right camping gear, equipment and food. This is the reason that Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club tries to tip the tourist planning a camping adventure so that they can have a real fun filled camping trip.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club guests also advice campers who are planning a camping trip to carry a flashlight a small lantern, binoculars and sleeping bags with them. And especially if you are forever on the move you need to buy a good quality backpack that will keep all your camping equipment safe and secure. You should try to buy water-proof and fire- resistant backpacks and tents as this way you will be much safer. You should keep in mind that your quality tent will help to keep you away from the strong wind, sun and rain so investing money in a good quality tent will surely be the best option for you.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members also recommend tourist to avoid drinking water flowing in the river as due to the increase in pollution drinking the free flowing water may turn out hazardous for your health. So it is important that you carry a portable water filter as this way you will be healthier and can have more fun. Carrying an axe and a hatchet is also very useful for camping and are the essential items that you should have as they are very useful in different tasks.