Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends the 2016 Polo Challenge for polo enthusiasts and tourists alike.

Learn what the 2016 Polo Challenge brings to the Dominican Republic, courtesy of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.  This world-class event puts this equestrian sport in the spotlight.  Recognized for giving guests a premium environment to relax and unwind at, this club’s resorts remain a top choice for tourists.

Excitement is in the air!  The Polo Challenge is bringing this sport to the Dominican Republic as part of the first season of the 2016 Caribbean high-goal.  There are four main events scheduled from January through April, as well as two additional events that make this a true sporting experience.  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club notes that top-ranking polo players from across the globe are scheduled to participate in the games that are to be held at Casa de Campo and Los Establos.

This year’s Polo Challenge offers several events over the next few months.  Many tourists can make it to one or more of these tournaments during their upcoming visit to the Dominican Republic.  The Bronze Cup is from January 7 through the 23.  The Silver Cup is scheduled for January 28 through February 13.  The Gold Cup is from February 26 through March 19, and the Caribbean Open begins March 24 and ends April 2.  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club adds that a charity game, the Best of the Best Polo Day, is also scheduled, as is Golfing With the Pros, where golfing professionals will participate in a day of golf.

Often referred to as the sport of kings, polo is thought to have first been played in Asia as far back as 6th-century B.C.  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club notes that while rules have changed over the years, the basics of the game still focus on players who ride horses.  One ball is the main element of the game, and players use mallets to try and score goals on an area that is roughly the size of nine football fields.  Halftime affords spectators the opportunity to socialize while recovering any disturbed mounds of earth or divot stamping.

Those who’ve never experienced a polo game can change that this year in the Dominican Republic.  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club invites sporting and equestrian enthusiasts to the 2016 Polo Challenge.

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