Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club believes that individuals should have every opportunity to enjoy the trips of their dreams this summer, and that is why the Lifestyle team is always going above and beyond to provide such opportunities. All year round, there are amazing entertainment and activity options available at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Resort in the Dominican Republic. Though these amenities can be appreciated any time of year, they are especially spectacular in the summer months when vacations really count the most. For those who are about to embark on their summer getaways in the Dominican Republic with Lifestyle, here is some information on just a few of the unbelievable entertainment options venues that they will have available to them this summer.

1.    Lights, Camera, Action: This is the perfect place for those who are spending their vacation with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club to sit back and enjoy some fantastic entertainment during their stay. This indoor theater hosts a variety of shows and offers things like comedies and musical theater for attendees to appreciate. No matter what kind of entertainment individuals enjoy, they are certain to find a show they will love at this theater.

2.    Ice Night Club: For the adults that are headed to the Dominican Republic with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club with their loved ones or friends, this is the perfect place to spend the evening. Every night the club comes alive with music and spectacular light shows, creating the ideal party atmosphere for dancing the night away. This is also a great place to grab one of the delicious cocktails that Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is known for.

3.    The Colosseum: This outdoor venue is the perfect pace to enjoy larger than life entertainment with loved ones this summer. Like the Lights, Camera, and Action Theater, this venue at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers live entertainment. However, the shows at this venue tend to be bigger and entertain larger crowds. Such events include rocking live concerts that attract large crowds of music lovers and eager guests.

A vacation through Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is truly a dream experience for members each year. A Lifestyle membership is one of the most sought after and rewarding ones in the industry because it gives members access to nothing but true luxury. Every vacation with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is unforgettable for travelers, whether they are relaxing on one of the 7 unique beaches at the Dominican Republic resort, or taking advantage of one of the new resort stays in Mexico. To learn more about enjoying one of these outstanding vacation experiences, please visit