Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts know for those out there trying to plan a vacation for the fall season, it can be hard to determine which destination the best variety of things to do. It can be hard to please each member of the family, but one area of the world seems to offer it all and more, pleasing both adults and children alike.

This fall, spending time in the Dominican Republic might just seem like the perfect choice. Not only does the country offer a variety of exciting activities and entertainment, but the opportunity for sightseeing truly can’t be beat.

In fact, anyone heading to the country should be sure to set aside time to visit Altos de Chavon. This architectural wonder happens to be man-made, but still captivates thousands of visitors each year. The 16th-century replica of a Mediterranean village is perched high above the Chavon river, and was built by Dominican architect Jose Antonio Caro in 1976.

Every visitor will enjoy strolling down the cobblestone streets and observing the stunning architecture of the past. This area was built as a center of culture for the Dominican people, and artisans handcrafted each and every stone in the pathways and buildings. Visitors will want to stop by some of the quaint boutiques, art galleries and delicious restaurants that wait for them at the top of the cliffs at Casa de Campo. The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts encourage you to plan to spend at least an afternoon, if not the entire day here in order to get the full experience.